Suiting Fabrics

10 year ago ; we picked selected colours from HUBERROSS 1991 Cotton Club to form a small selection of casual natural suiting fabrics that consist of Brushed Cotton from England ; gradually adding some Corduroys and more Irish Linens and we had since not looked back .

Natural fabrics for trousers may seem casual and unkempt for business wear many years ago and reserved only for the weekends at the mall or yacht .

Well ; not anymore as the quality had improved over the years , but the comfort and ease of use stayed .

Customers who are allergic to wool had turned to our natural fibres for their trousers and suit needs and our range has since expanded to huge range of colours selections for each of our staple quality.


100% Cotton Corduroys in weight of 240gr to 450gr 

HUBERROSS lightweight Corduroys from England and Italy


100% Linen from Ireland and Italy for trousers and suitings

HUBERROSS 100% Irish Linen for Suitings and Trousers


We had also over the years carried a small range of wool with loyal following such as Sorrento light weight 250gr all wool , Earnest series of 120s All Wool with Cashmere and especially to mention Nevada HIgh Twist all wool that has superb drape hanging qualities . With 300g weight ; it is perfect for four season travelling with crease resistant characteristics.

HUBERROSS NEVADA 100% High Twist all Wool from Italy