Sample Bunches

We had built a considerable market share over the years and our books can be seen and showcase in top esteem custom made to measure bespoke tailors boutiques in major cities like Tokyo ; Kobe , Osaka ,  Seoul , Busan , Indianapolis in USA ; Toronto in Canada ; Hong Kong , Jarkarta ; Taipei ; Kao Shiung , Hanoi , Ho Chi Minh , Kuala Lumpur , Penang , Bangkok , Beijing , Shanghai , Hangzhou , Tianjin , Qingdao , Chengdu and too many more to mention here  ,  serving to their royals , elites and expatriates of the country .



Moda Venturi Books - a simple classic range to start sampling fabrics from Italy with easily affordable pricing and good quality.


Classico Uomo a collection of classics in 100s 2 plys Poplin , pinpoint and some checks and stripes for everyday wear . Perfect for business attire with good durability .

HUBERROSS Classico Uomo Shirting Books


Our best selling fabrics mostly comes from this Elite 2000 books with all time classic 120s 2 plys or Royal yarn Oxford , Twill , Poplin with many more in designs .

Never a day boring with the wide selection of whites , blues and pink - you can wear a white shirt without repeating the same shirt design for at least several months.

Coupled with exclusive fil coup and Jacquards from Switzerland , it completes the wardrobe with not only business wear but also easily carries forward to an evening out with glamour.

HUBERROSS ELite 2000 - all all time best selling 120s 2 plys and Royal range


HUBERROSS Elite Gold exclusive high quality in 140s , 160s 2 plys Sea Island Cotton . This is the top of the range in classic . Cotton Prints are very important to us in recent years and we had brought in over hundreds of designs now , all from Italy . And more is coming in the next season.

Included in the book a small collection Ottimo Luxor of extremely high priced items such as Silk , 180s 2 ply Sea Island Cotton and intricately Cotton Prints from Italy .

HUBERROSS Elite Gold exclusive high quality in 140s , 160s 2 plys Sea Island Cotton


HUBERROSS Linen and cotton for trousers Collections .Our books are full with too many new lines and we had 3 years ago added the Brown book that consist mostly Linens for shirts and natural fabrics such as Brushed Cotton , Linens for trousers and suitings.

HUBERROSS Linen and cotton for trousers Collections


Our Wool Bunches : Nevada 120s All Wool High Twist 300gr from Italy ,  Sorrento Lightweight All wool 240gr from Italy  , Earnest 120s All wool with cashmere 300gr from England ,  1991 Cotton Club from Italy and England , NATURALE Irish linens for suitings and more .

Sample Bunches