Our Location

We had moved to a bigger warehouse at our newly renovated terrace in Ubi Techpark , Singapore in March 2019.

Our extensive designs and colours for luxurious shirting and suitings for men and ladies business and casual wear in natural Pure Cotton , Line , Silk and Wool are all imported from European countries such as Italy , Switzerland , England and Ireland. A FASHIONISTA WONDERLAND !

With more than 6000 square feet of high quality Italian textile fabrics fully stocked inhouse and can be viewed in full rolls. You are welcomed to buy them in any small cut length quantities .

It will be such a wonderful experience to start from choosing fabrics , button accessories , collar underfelt ,trousers waistband and sending them to your favourite tailors , custom made to your contour and sizes with the designs you had in mind.

Do visit us and enjoy the tranquility of browsing and choosing in your leisure pace , pampered with full of recommendations by our friendly customer service officer.